Frome Diamonds - Team 2 - Division 2

Selected team for 2018/19 season are:

Alice Baker

Andrea McCall

Bev Chapman

Ellie Gibbs

Georgina Guy (Vice Captain)

Helen Maunder (Captain)

Janie Bullus

Jess Read

Megan Boorman

Natasha Alexander

Frome Diamonds Season 2017/18

Moonraker League - Division 2

19th Sept 17              Frome Diamonds v Devizes Falcons                   43 - 24               WIN 
19th Oct 17                Frome Diamonds v Chippenham 3                     24 - 30               LOSS
7th Nov 17                 Frome Diamonds v Devizes Kites                       35 - 15               WIN 
14th Nov 17               Frome Diamonds v Corsham 2                           32 - 28               WIN 
23rd Nov 17              Frome Diamonds v Holt Gold                              63 - 28               WIN 
18th Jan 18                Frome Diamonds v Pewsey Black                       36 - 34               WIN
23rd Jan 18                Frome Diamonds v Wessex Blades                     28 - 22               WIN
30th Jan 18                Frome Diamonds v Wesbury Wildcats               40 - 17               WIN
8th Feb 18                  Frome Diamonds v Corsham 2                             27 - 25               WIN
27th Feb 18                Frome Diamons V Devizes Falcons                     CANCELLED
13th Mar 18               Frome Diamons Vs Chippenham 3                      28-31                 LOSS
20th Mar 18               Frome Diamonds Vs Devizes Kites                       31-22                 WIN
17th April 18             Frome Diamonds Vs Wessex Blades                     37-19                 WIN
24th April                   Frome Diamonds Vs Holt Gold                              54-27                 WIN
1st May 18                  Frome Diamonds Vs Pewsey Black                       30- 29                WIN
8th May 18                 Frome Diamonds Vs Westbury Wildcats             41- 27                WIN
24th May 18               Frome Diamonds Vs Devizes Falcons                   48-18                 WIN

Match Reports

Frome Diamonds 41, Westbury Wildcats 27

Diamonds were missing their Goal Attack Georgia Cox so had recruited Ellie Gibbs form Hearts. Ellie and Helen got off to a great start in the first quarter scoring 9 goals but Westbury were determined to keep up with them scoring 7 their GS shooting from very far away from the post.

Going into the second quarter the defence of Tash and Carly worked together tremendously to stop Westbury's shooters form getting the ball. Diamonds had some fantastic attacking play through centre court from Tracy, Georgina and Sheri- diamonds held on to their lead and pushed ahead to 18-14. 

At half time Coach Jane made some changes to the team bringing Elise on at WD Amy at GD and moving Carly to GK. Diamonds quickly settled into these changes and play flowed beautifully all across the court. Amy and Carly worked together to try and stop the GS receiving the ball for Westbury as she barely missed, earning them countless tips and interceptions! With the combined effort of Elise, Georgina and Sheri diamonds were able to feed the ball into the shooters Helen and Ellie, who had really come into their own this quarter extending Diamonds lead to 30-18. 

The last quarter saw Diamonds really dig deep! With another great team talk from coach Jane and Captain's Sheri and Helen Diamonds were pressurising every Westbury pass forcing many errors which allowed Diamonds to take advantage and get the turnovers! After another outstanding display from Diamonds at the final whistle they had won 41-27. This win means that with one game left of the season diamonds cannot finish below 2nd place!! Incredible squad performance again!

Player of the match: Ellie Gibbs

Players player: Sheri Pleasants


Frome Diamonds 30, Pewsey 29

The first quarter started a bit slow for Diamonds with Pewsey coming out scoring three
goals straight off the whistle. Diamonds soon found their rhythm and the
quarter finished level at 7-7.

Diamonds went into the second quarter all guns blazing and there was some amazing
movement up court from Amy (GD) and Elise (WD) into the centre court of Sheri
(WA) and Georgina (C). Ellie (GA) and Helen (GS) were doing a fantastic job
with movements in the circle against a very strong defence.

The third quarter saw the return of Andrea in at GS and Diamonds continued to get the
ball into the shooters. There was some cracking interceptions from defence; Amy
(GD) and Tash (GK), which helped Diamonds to take a lead of two goals.

The last quarter was intense and fiery with both teams going goal for goal and Pewsey
sneaking a few ahead in the first few minutes. However, in true Diamonds spirit
we really pulled it together as a team and came out on top winning by one

Player of the match- Elise

Player's player- Andrea


Frome Diamonds 54, Holt Gold 27


Diamonds travelled to Devizes to take on Holt gold. After winning their previous encounter diamonds were hopeful for another great performance.

Diamonds came out in the first quarter firing on all cylinders! With great shooting for the 2 shooters Maunder and Cox they took an early lead of 13-6 to diamonds.

Diamonds were determined to hold on to their early lead going into the second quarter. After a quick pep talk from Coach Jane the players quickly found their rhythm. Some great defence from Rendell, Ritson and Carter making numerous interceptions! This allowed the great attack and speed of Guy and Fowler to get the ball into the shooters. Maunder and Cox really got their eye in and finished the quarter 31-15 to Diamonds.

The second half saw Rendell, Ritson and Carter again really applying the pressure on to Holts attack creating countless turnovers and only allowing Holt to score 4 goals this quarter. Guy and Fowler fed some superb balls into the shooters who were both on fire! Diamonds continued to advance their lead to 47-19.

The final quarter saw Holt come out with a vengeance and had some excellent flow of play across the court. But with the outstanding defensive play form all of diamonds Holt were unable to make a comeback. Guy and Fowler continued to work the ball down the court and into the shooters with some fantastic back up from Carter. Rendell and Ritson kept the shooters at bay despite pressure from Holt! 

The match ended with Diamonds winning by a whopping 54-27. Very well deserved a superb performance from diamonds!

Player of the match- Elise Fowler

Players Player- Georgina Guy


Wessex Blades 19 – Frome Diamonds 37

On Tuesday 17/04 Diamonds travelled to a breezy Devizes determined maintain their strong position in the league and continue to improve on the score line from their previous meeting with the Warminster team.  Diamonds had a strong start by winning the toss but both teams came out fighting hard to gain the advantage. The ball travelled up and down the court and both teams remained goal for goal throughout the quarter, finishing in a draw with 8 goals all.

Diamonds came into the second quarter determined to push for a strong lead and that is exactly what we did. Tight defensive work from Fowler, meant that Wessex were not able to get as many opportunities to score, as the ball was quickly turned over and we were able to reap the benefits down the attackers end of the court. Despite some tight defensive work from GD and GK, great play around the D from Guy and Pleasants allowed the shooters to find comfortable positions for shooting and the goals continued to go in. Diamonds finished the quarter with a 12 - 18 lead.

The third quarter presented a switch around from Blades sending their shooter down to her usual GK position to prevent further goals from Diamonds. However, this made little difference to the attack and the strong partnership of Maunder and Cox meant the goals continued to keep coming. Blades fought hard to keep up, but a strong Diamonds worked the ball from player to player down the court and remained tight on their players to take advantage of any stray ball for quick turnarounds. The third quarter finished with a fantastic 16-28 lead to Diamonds.

With the final quarter beginning and a very positive 12 goal difference under their belt, Diamonds came in feeling strong and determined for the win.  Tight defensive work from Rendell and Alexander meant that Blades had little opportunity to score, managing only 3 in the final quarter. Wessex continued to fight to reduce the goal lead but with continued strong play within the attacking circle the goals just kept on coming and we managed to finish the fixture with an 18-goal lead. 

Player of the Match – Georgia Cox

Players Player – Helen Maunder



20/03 saw Diamonds hungry for a win against Devizes
Kites. The first quarter started tentatively with a few mistakes from both
teams but Guy and Fowler held steady mid court calming the game and feeding the
ball into the shooting circle where Pleasants and Cox converted several goals
finishing the first quarter

The second quarter saw the Kites shooters get their eye
in and despite good defending up and down the court from Carter, Fowler and
Guy, Kites managed to feed the ball into their shooters, and despite tight
defending in the D by Ritson and Alexander the pulled back the score,ending the
second quarter 16-12

The third quarter saw changes to the Diamonds defence to
try and disrupt the Kites shooters. It was during this quarter Diamonds play
started to flow as confidence grew. Great defence from Alexander and Rendell
saw the ball passed through the mid court by Carter,Guy and Fowler with many
interceptions. With great passing into the D resulting in a high conversion of
goals by Pleasants and Cox finishing the third quarter 25-15

As Diamonds entered the fourth quarter many changes was
made by Kites but undeterred by this Diamonds kept to their game which resulted
in a well deserved win finishing the 4th quarter 31-22

Thanks to all the support on the side lines.

POM Elise Fowler
PP Sheriden Pleasants


Frome Diamonds 28 v Wessex Blades 22

Frome Diamonds put on another fantastic display of teamwork to ensure a further win in division 2.

The game started at a fast pace from both teams with great passing from WA, Elise Fowler to GA, Georgia Cox and GS, Helen Maunder. The shooters managed to score an impressive 11 goals in the first quarter to Blades 5 goals.

In the second quarter it went goal for goal, the defenders WD, Tracy Carter, GD Amy Rendell and GK Carly Ritson worked hard, managing several interceptions and rebounds to keep Diamonds in the lead 19-14 at half time.

A change at halftime saw Sheri Pleasants come on as WA, Blades also made some changes but this didn’t unsettle Diamonds who fought hard. C, Georgina Guy and Pleasants linked well together and continued getting the ball to the shooters ending the third quarter 22-18.

The gap was closing but Diamonds dug deep in the final quarter and showed a fine display of teamwork. Defence and attack worked tirelessly to the final whistle to ensure the win 28-22 against a praiseworthy Wessex team.

Thanks for support on the side lines from Tash Alexander and Andrea McCall.

POM – Georgia Cox Players Player – Tracy Carter