Frome Diamonds - Team 2 - Division 1

The selected team for the 2019/20 season is:

Georgina Guy (Captain)

Janie Bullus (Vice Captain)

Alice Baker

Bev Chapman

Megan Young

Zena Harper

Freya Applegate

Molly Mallon

Grace Barwell

Rosie McMahon












Tues 11 Sept


 WIN 33-25

 Ellie Gibbs

Megan Boorman 

Tues 25 Sept

Holt White

 WIN 46-24

 Megan Boorman

Ellie Gibbs,  Bev Chapman & Georgina Guy

Tues 9 Oct

Fitz 1

 LOSS 34-31

 Ellie Gibbs

Georgina Guy 

Tues 16 Oct

Pewsey Blacks

 WIN 40-22

 Helen Maunder

Alice Baker 

Thurs 25 Oct

Devizes Eagles

 WIN 40-19

Georgina Guy 

Alice Baker, Megan Boorman & Bev Chapman

Tues 4 Dec

Chippenham 3

 LOSS 40-30

 Ellie Gibbs

 Georgina Guy

Tues 8 Jan

Holt Black

 LOSS 48-31

 Bev Chapman

 Megan Boorman

Tues 15 Jan

Calne Lightning

 LOSS 40-32

 Ellie Gibbs

Alice Baker 

Tues 29 Jan


 CANCELLED played 8.5.19

WIN 58-21

Georgina Guy


Tues 12 Feb

Holt White   

 LOSS 46-37

Ellie Gibbs 

Natasha Alexander 

Tues 5 March

Fitz 1

 WIN 37-27

Ellie Gibbs

Bev Chapman 

Thurs 14 March

Pewsey Blacks

 WIN 45-21

Ellie Gibbs 

Georgina Guy 

Tues 19 March

Devizes Eagles

 WIN 43-27

 Ellie Gibbs

Janie B 

Thurs 9 May

Chippenham 3

 WIN 54-47

Ellie Gibbs 

 Whole team!

Thurs 16 May

Calne Lightning

 LOSS 34-32

Ellie Gibbs 

Freya Applegate 

Thurs 23 May

Holt Black

 LOSS 45-29

Helen Maunder

Georgina Guy 

Match reports 2018/19:

Frome Diamonds 32 v Calne  34

Having previously lost to Calne, 40-32, Diamonds were determined to continue their winning ways after the last match against the unbeaten team of Chippenham. The match started off goal for goal but Calne edged it by 4 goals at the end of the first quarter.

As the first half came to a close, Calne had bettered their lead by a few more goals despite Diamonds best efforts.Having made a few changes at half time, Diamonds managed to narrow the goal difference slightly to a difference of 5 goals to 23-28 whilst keeping the team spirits high. An agile centre and tall Goal Keeper meant Diamonds were playing a versatile team. Calne's player to player marking was very effective making it hard work for the Diamond's players to get free. Despite this, the intensity was kept up throughout the game, although, a couple of fumbles from Diamonds meant Calne still lead by a couple of goals.

Throughout the game there were many tips and interceptions especially from Diamond's Player's Player, Freya Applegate due to some fantastically timed interceptions at either Goal Defence or Keeper. A very accurate shooter on the Calne team made for a very tense final quarter; it was evident that both teams were giving it their all. It was close as Diamonds clawed it back towards the end; Diamonds, sponsored by Dennis Maps were within one goal right before the final whistle but Calne managed to score one more, leaving the final score at 32-34.

A great effort from both teams meant it was a really enjoyable match with some high quality netball being played.

Player of the Match- Ellie Gibbs, her ninth nomination for this award and puts her in great contention for overall player of the League at the end of the season.

Players Player- Alice Baker


Frome Diamonds 54 Chippenham 3 47

Chippenham had already secured the league title but Diamonds, sponsored by Dennis Maps upset them by taking their unbeaten record away from them in a thrilling match where the play was slick and each team matched each other in all areas of the court. Diamonds started strongly with attacking centres and great feeding from Helen Maunder into the shooters meant that Diamonds took an early lead of 14 goals to 10.

Shooters, Ellie Gibbs and Janie Bullus continued to score freely and increase the lead at half time to 8 goals meaning the team was full of confidence going into the second half. Changes to defensive personnel made no effect on the way Diamonds played and with Freya Applegate, Alice Baker and Bev Chapman all defending solidly, making numerous turnovers which turned defence into attack enabling Diamonds to increase their lead to 9 with a score of 41 goals to 32.

Georgina Guy at centre held the team together with another consistent and dependable performance, but all the team played a part in this win and the captain awarded the Player's Player award to all the team as each one supported their team mates with their running, and enthusiasm never relented as they took the win by 54 goals to 47.

Player of the Match went to Ellie Gibbs for a great shooting display, coupled with many interceptions.


Frome Diamonds v KSM

Wednesday 08 May 2019

Frome Diamonds came out strong against bottom of the table KSM on a very wet night in Devizes. This was a rescheduled match after it was cancelled back in January due to the snow so we were hoping it wasn’t going to get cancelled again, considering the horrendous weather conditions. Frome managed to put out a great performance, despite it being slippy under foot and on the ball.

The defensive combination of Natasha Alexander, Bev Chapman and Alice Baker were strong. Not much was getting through and it was quickly overturned to Georgina Guy and Helen Maunder in centre court. The shooting pairing of Janie Bullus and Ellie Gibbs was working well and by half time the score was 27-12.

Going into the second half Frome made some changes, bringing on newly promoted Freya Applegate in GD and Jess Read into WD. Frome continued their dominance of the match with Freya proving she belonged in the squad by intercepting numerous passes which the attacking side quickly converted into goals. By the final whistle Frome had won comfortably 58-21.

Player of the match - Georgina Guy

Players Player – Natasha Alexander


Frome Diamonds 43, Devizes Eagles 27 

Frome Diamonds came into this game on a role after 2 wins on the bounce. 

Both teams took the first quarter to get a feel for the game, as Diamonds attack of Helen and Janie struggled to find space in the D to shoot against a strong Devizes defence. Some hard work and passes of play, secured good ball and kept diamonds score ticking over to lead by 2. 

Both sets of defence were tight on, as every pass had to be earned. Diamonds defence of Tasha, Bev and Jess forced many errors from Devizes, which allowed them to turnover ball and develop our lead at half time by 6 goals. 

Both teams made changes at half time, but Diamonds were more clinical in front of goal, as great mid court movement between GG, Meg and Alice allowed Diamonds to feed some timely passes into Ellie and Janie to score some incredible shots. Diamonds led 31-18.

Diamonds captain set the shooters the challenge of scoring 13 goals in the last quarter, which they tried brilliantly falling just short by 2 goals. Diamonds went on to win 43-27, keeping them comfortably in 3rd place in the league. 

POM - Ellie Gibbs

Players player - Janie Bullus 


Frome Diamonds 45 vs Pewsey 21

A strong start from Diamonds presented them with a good lead going into the later game, finishing the first quarter at 12-5. Some brilliant feeds into the D made it light work for the shooters, in spite of the hands-on defence. Despite a few cases of contact, Diamonds proceeded to work the ball down the court, then giving them a lead of 16 as the second quarter ended.

Pushing on into the third quarter, the interceptions continued, especially from centre Georgina Guy, who was consequently awarded players player when the match came to a close. This quarter had a very high number or goals on both parts, with Pewsey scoring 8 goals as opposed to 2 in the previous quarter. Frome Diamonds held strong and maintained their lead with outstanding shooting from Janie Bullus, even close to the edge of the circle.

Going into the final quarter, the defence kept up the intensity, with some fantastic tips and rebounds, meaning the match concluded with a score of 45-21 to Diamonds. They came just short of their target of 50 goals, after winning the previous match against this team 41-15. In a physical game, some high-quality netball was played on both parts, but Frome kept consistent throughout resulting in them coming out on top.

Player of the match- Ellie Gibbs

Players player- Georgina Guy


Frome Diamonds 32, Fitz  27

Frome Diamonds sponsored by Dennis Maps got off to a flying start with some amazing shots from Ellie Gibbs and Helen Maunder in the first quarter.  Diamonds dominated the first half with some great turnovers from Bev Chapman and Natasha Manners in defence along mid court interceptions from Megan Boorman and Georgina Guy.

This resulted in a 10 goal lead at half time. Despite the worsening weather and some great play from the opposition in attack, Diamonds were able to hang on to lead by 8 at three quarter time.  With Alice Baker in mid court showing no let up and our  substitutes' on the sideline encouragement, Fitz won the last quarter but had left it to late for the victory which went to Diamonds, their first of 2019.

Player of the Match- Ellie Gibbs

Player's Player-Bev Chapman


Frome Diamonds 37,  Holt White 46

Having beaten Holt the first tine around Diamonds who are sponsored by Dennis Maps were confident they could do the double over them, but unfortunately this was not the case. Holt started the stronger and took a 7 goal lead of 15 8 into the second quarter.

Diamonds made some changes to the team and this had an initial impact on their play with quick feeding into the circle from Georgina Guy and Helen Maunder to Ellie Gibbs and Janie Bullus to convert into goals although Holt still were ahead by 24 goals to 18 at half time.

In the third quarter resolute defending from Natasha Alexander and Bev Chapman resulted in turnover ball for Diamonds and with Alice Baker and Meg Boorman bringing the ball through court Diamonds outscored Holt by 11 goals to 7 to decrease the deficit to only two.

Encouraged by this they entered the last quarter hopeful they could take the win but ultimately they faded at the death and Holt shooters recaptured their form from the first quarter to forge ahead and win by 9.

Player of the match: Ellie Gibbs

Players Player: Natasha Alexander


Frome Diamonds 32 v Calne Lightning 40

Calne Lightning were the last team to face Diamonds in the first round of matches in the Moonraker Winter League Division 1. Unfortunately for Diamonds the result was a loss, bringing the total of losses equal to the wins for the first half of the season,however given that this is the first season Diamonds have had in this division, this is no mean feat!

The final scoreline does not reflect the well fought match,and drama that took place throughout the game, which saw the two teams drawing in the first quarter. Diamonds achieved a five goal lead at half time due to the excellent shooting and movement in the circle by Janie Bullus and Ellie Gibbs, coupled with brilliant defence work from Natasha Alexander and Bev Chapman. Calne came out all guns blazing in the second half with a succession of four very quick goals and strong play throughout the quarter, scoring a total of 13 goals to Diamonds three, which resulted in Diamonds struggling to bounce back from.

Unfortunately this continued for the remainder of the match. There were some great shows of centre court play by Meg Boorman, Georgina Guy and Alice Baker feeding into the circle, however despite this and Helen Maunder's sterling shooting in the fourth quarter, final score was Diamonds 32, Calne Lightning 40. Diamonds who are sponsored by Dennis Maps are looking forward to consolidating their spot in the first division in the second half of the season.

Player of the Match - Ellie Gibbs.

Players' Player - Alice Baker


Frome Diamonds 31 Holt Black 48

In a fast paced match against Holt Black, Diamonds unfortunately took a loss this week. but they retained their position of third place in the Moonraker League Division 1. It was a clear, cold evening with very little wind which offered ideal playing conditions for the match, resulting in the game being played in good spirits by all players. Holt Black were a team consisting of young, fit and fast players but despite this Diamonds stood strong against them and fought hard throughout the match.

In the first quarter possession was fairly equal, however due to a couple of good shots taken from Holt's GS  they came out of the quarter behind by 6 goals.

In the second quarter Diamonds defenders Natasha Manners, Beverly Chapman and Alice Baker secured a few good interceptions where play was then passed to the centre court players of Georgina Guy, Megan Boorman and followed by some fantastic shots and rebounds from Helen Maunder and Janie Bullus resulting in Diamonds maintaining their form just six goals behind.

For the third quarter Ellie Gibbs was brought on and her fresh legs and consistent shooting helped Diamonds to catch Holt and at one time only trail by three goals.  At the end of the quarter they were behind by eight not having sustained their initial momentum.

In the last quarter Jess Read was brought on in defence and despite a strong effort and constant fight from Diamonds, who are sponsored by Dennis Maps, throughout the quarter the end score was a win to Holt.

Player of the match: Bev Chapman

Players player: Megan Boorman


Frome Diamonds 30 v Chippenham 40

Frome Diamonds in second place came out strong against top of the table Chippenham on a wet and cold night in Devizes.  Goal Keeper Jess Reed, fresh back from injury worked well with Goal Defence, Bev Chapman keeping the scoring down and turning over the ball feeding well to Wing Defence Alice Baker and Centre Georgina Guy.  This meant that Diamonds were leading after the first quarter 9-6.

Going into the second quarter Chippenham came back hard.  The shooting pairing of Helen Maunder and Ellie Gibbs worked well with excellent feeding into the circle by Wing Attack Megan Boorman, but Chippenham came back fighting.  They stepped up their game which meant by half time they were leading by 2 goals.

Frome made a change at half time bringing on Janie Bullus at Goal Shooter, but the Chippenham defence stepped up again, making it hard for Diamonds to bring the ball down the court.  It got harder to get the ball to the shooters but they never gave up and at three quarter time although behind by five felt positive about the last quarter.

They continued to contest for everything, but the undefeated Chippenham team continued their winning streak to take the match by 40-30.

Player of the match - Ellie Gibbs

Players Player – Georgina Guy


Frome Diamonds 40, Devizes Eagles 19

In a fast-paced match, Diamonds secured another win to retain their position at the top of the Moonraker League division 1. It was a clear cold evening with little wind so ideal playing conditions for the match which was played in good spirits.

Eagles had two tall defenders who rebounded well so the first quarter was close, as any chances missed by the shooters, Bullus and Maunder were collected by Eagles and passed up court. Fortunately for Diamonds Eagles passing was off-target, which meant that the centre court players of Baker, Guy and Boorman got many interceptions thus switching play back to Diamonds. They led 8- 5 in the first quarter but increased this lead in the second to 19 goals to 9.

For the third quarter Eagles subbed one of their defenders and Diamonds capitalised on this to score 14 goals and build a commanding lead. The last quarter saw Diamonds defenders restrict Eagles to 4 goals with Alexander and Chapman making numerous rebounds and interceptions which saw defence turn into attack.   

Player of the Match award went to Georgina Guy who put in a solid performance at centre whilst the Player's Player award was shared between Megan Boorman, Alice Baker and Bev Chapmanwho all contributed with quality defending and support play down the court.


Frome Diamonds 40, Pewsey Blacks 22

Frome diamonds knew going into the game that this could be a tough one, against a team that they narrowly beat twice last season.    Diamonds started the better of the two sides, getting a good feel for the game and dominated the tempo; which allowed Bullus (GS) and Maunder (GA) to whack out a storming 11-3 lead after the first quarter.

Diamonds continued to play to the whistle, not letting their heads drop when Pewsey sometimes questioned decisions made. Swift movements between Baker (WD), Guy (C) and Boorman (WA) up to and around the shooting circle allowed time for the shooters to find space before having the ball fed in. Diamonds continued to increase their score to 24-9, this was also backed up by some great marking from Alexander (GK) and Chapman (GD), as Pewsey shooters struggled to get their eye in on goal.

The third quarter saw Gibbs come on in defence at GD for some fresh legs, but this didn’t alter Diamonds as they continued to play their game well. Forcing Pewsey into many passing errors, as Diamonds continued to play some magical netball up court. This was shown through great awareness of positioning on court, as diamonds marched into a 34-15 lead.

Going into the last quarter, unfortunately Diamonds missed a handful of chances which allowed Pewsey to win the quarter score line, but this didn’t affect the end result as Diamonds ran out comfortable winners 40-22.

Player of the match- Helen Maunder

Players player - Alice Baker


Frome Diamonds 31, Fitz1 34

The game started at a fast pace from both teams with great passing from Maunder at WA to Gibbs at GA and Bullus at GS.  Fitz managed to lead 11-8 in the first quarter with their shooters rarely missing.

In the second quarter Diamonds fought back and the solid defence of Baker at WD, Chapman at GD and Alexander at GK held Fitz 17 all at half time.

A change at halftime saw Boorman come on as WA, who linked up well with Guy at C; they continued getting the ball to the shooters which resulted in Diamonds leading by one goal ending the third quarter 26-25.

Diamonds dug deep in the final quarter, both defence and attack worked tirelessly to the final whistle, Frome Diamonds put on another fantastic display of teamwork but were unfortunately beaten by three goals in the final quarter to a strong Fitz 1 team, score ending 34-31.

Diamonds are sponsored by Dennis Maps.

Player of the Match – Ellie Gibbs

Players player – Georgina Guy


Frome Diamonds 46, Holt White 24

Frome Diamonds were eager to play their second game of the season. They started the first quarter tentatively but with strong defence throughout the court and solid shooting from Maunder and Gibbs finished the quarter 9-7 ahead.

The second quarter saw Diamonds settle into the game with great centre court movement from Guy, Boorman and Baker which caused Holt some issues. Second quarter finished strongly with a 24-12 lead.

For the third quarter Diamonds made a few changes with Bullus coming on at GS and Read at WD. Holt also made changes to their attacking end. Diamonds were not phased by this with strong defence by Chapman and Alexander in the D taking some valuable rebounds, which was then passed effortlessly down court by all gaining a 14-goal lead 35-21.

The final quarter saw Diamonds return to court with high energy determined to keep their lead and that is what they did. Great team performance with a final Score of 46-24.

Player of the Match: Meg Boorman Players player: Bev Champan, Ellie Gibbs and Georgina Guy


Frome Diamonds 33, KSM 25

Tuesday 11 September saw the return of the Moonraker Netball League and the return of Frome Diamonds, in their Division One debut.  With a new line-up in the team, and only having a few weeks to train as a new squad they were understandably nervous. Diamonds started off slow, the wet conditions were making it slippy under foot and it took time to adapt to the conditions.  KSM were able to get a couple of early goals but Diamonds fought back, and with the new Shooting team of Jane Bullus and Ellie Gibbs, Diamonds were able to finish the first quarter 7-7.

The second quarter saw some excellent defence from Jess Read and Beverley Chapman but the KSM shooters weren’t missing many shots.  Some great turnovers were quickly and efficiently passed through mid-court by Alice Baker, Georgina Guy and Megan Boorman.  By half time Diamonds had managed to sneak ahead by 3 goals ending this quarter at 16-13.

The third quarter continued with great play by both teams.  Going goal for goal throughout the quarter diamonds managed to keep their 3 goal lead.  22-19.

By the time the fourth quarter started, Diamonds had calmed down. Taking their time they were able to pass the ball around easily, getting it into the shooting team of Jane and Ellie.  Defence was tight all the way down the court meaning that diamonds were able to get numerous turnovers.  By the time the final whistle blew, Diamonds had managed to increase their lead and the final score was 33-25.

Player of the Match:  Ellie Gibbs

Players Player: Megan Boorman