Frome Diamonds - Team 2 - Division 1

The selected team for the 2020/21 season is:

Georgina Guy (Captain)

Janie Bullus (Vice Captain)

Alice Baker

Bev Chapman

Georgie Southwell

Rosie McMahon

Tilly Kempshall

Grace Bolland

Isabelle Ham












10 Sep 2019

Devizes Kites

Win 36-25 



24 Sep 2019

Holt White

Win 28-24



8 Oct 2019


Draw 30-30

Janie B


15 Oct 2019

Pewsey Black

Win 39- 37



24 Oct 2019

WS Smashers

Win 38-18 by forfeit

NA won by forfeit

NA won by forfeit

3 Dec 2019

Corsham 2

Win 62-13



7 Jan 2020

Holt Black

Win 30-28



14 Jan 2020

Calne Lightning

28 Jan 2020

Devizes Kites

Win 37-23


Janie & Alice

11 Feb 2020

Holt White   

Win 40-15



3 Mar 2020


Win 41-24



12 Mar 2020

Pewsey Blacks

Win 39- 23

Janie. B


17 Mar 2020

WS Smashers

30 April 2020

Corsham 2


14 May 2020

Holt Black

21 May 2020

Calne Lightning

Match reports 2019/20:

Frome Diamonds 39 v Pewsey 23

First quarter took Diamonds, sponsored by Dennis Maps a while to find their flow, which meant Pewsey scored the first 3 goals. Starting to switch on, Diamonds found some good feeds into the shooting circle from Georgina Southwell and Megan Young to shooters Alice Baker and Amelia Pulvertaft. Amelia's movement in the circle was on point meaning we could keep our centre passes and ended the quarter ahead 13-10. Switching at quarter time to try find some extra energy, Janie Bullus, Bev Chapman and Georgina Guy came on court. Better momentum and looking after the ball meant we could increase our lead slightly to 24-17 goals. Second half saw Alice return to shoot with Janie, and defence have a debrief. Returning to court saw Molly Mallon, Freya Applegate and Bev work tirelessly against some quick attackers and shooters to keep their goals down to just 3 this quarter. 

Spirits were high again for Diamonds going into the last quarter with the defence were on fire. Molly and Freya were causing havoc by intercepting and forcing 3 seconds. Janie found her shooting juice and popped some amazing goals in, alongside Alice and  our centre court were too fast to keep up with meaning we took the win and keep us top of the table.

Player of the Match- Janie Bullus

Player's Player- Freya Applegate

Coaches Player- Amelia Pulvertaft


Frome Diamonds 41, TNC 1, 24

Having drew to TNC earlier this season, Diamonds were prepared for a hard game. With a thorough warm up completed, we were ready to give it all we had. Quarter 1 showed some spectacular defence from the girls, which is what we did on Thursday’s training. Starting with a couple goals on the board from TNC, Beverley Chapman was able to get the first tip and take it to goal. Alice Baker and Janie were on top form in the shooting circle, with lots of fight for the ball and top shooting percentage. First quarter also saw Georgina May take a total of 4 interceptions, Georgina Guy take 3 and Molly Mallon take 4. With a total of 11 turnovers to goal, we set the bar at 13 goals to 3.

Safe to say ladies, you deserved a little rest after that; quarter 2 saw us let TNC catch up: scoring 10 goals. With shooting still on form however, we still finished 9 goals up: 22-13.

Having a change up at half time saw Rosie McMahon, Megan Young and Amelia Pulvertaft come on. During half time talk it appeared Janie had her fair share of jelly babies, as the performance on court was magical: split lands, contesting a 6ft + GK for rebounds, and getting a cheeky interception! With more impressive turnovers from Meg, George (another 4 interceptions) and Freya Applegate (3 interceptions) and great rebounds from Molly, we once again stole the lead; 35-18.

Captain Georgina Guy came back to court last quarter, with some impressive mid court work, feeding into Speedy Alice Baker. Amelia and Alice worked hard to shoot over the towering arms of their circle defenders, but didn’t let it phase them. More interceptions from Meg (4) and Molly (3) meant we ended on a high with an important win and goal difference. What a team!

Player of the match: Janie Bullus

Players Player: Georgie Southwell

Coaches Player: Georgie Southwell


Frome Diamonds  40  Holt White 15

On a freezing cold night, with rain and sleet at times, Diamonds were not fazed at all by the conditions although it did affect their opponents. 
We went into the first half with Georgie Southwell and Janie Bullus in shoot, working well together despite some tall defence. Lots of tips and interceptions through court  from Meg Young and Rosie McMahon, meant Holt were only able to score 9 goals in total for the first half, whilst Diamonds were scoring regularly and were always ahead and never really troubled by Holt.

Switching at half time saw Alice Baker join an 'on form Bullus' and the scoring continued at will. Confident work through court from Captain Georgina Guy and Georgie meant we were running away with it with coupled with the  both of them making some brilliant feeds in to the circle.  At the other end cracking defence from the dynamic duo  of Freya Applegate and Molly Mallon meant Diamonds were able to keep it to 15 goals. Freya and Molly made lots of tips and rebounds and turned defence into attack on many an occasion. 

Brilliant play from every single person and Diamonds just smashed it considering the conditions.

Player of the Match- Georgie Southwell

Players Player- Freya Applegate

Coaches Player- Janie Bullus


Frome Diamonds 37  Devises Kites. 23

 In this top of the table clash Diamonds sponsored by Dennis Maps remain with their ‘undefeated’ title this season. Coming prepared for a hard game the tactics were to go out and turn over ball from the start, with strong feeds into the shooting circle and that is exactly what Diamonds did.

Georgina Guy and Georgie Southwell worked effortlessly to feed shooters Alice Baker and Ginny, who were on top form. With interceptions from Molly Mallon and Georgie, we were able to turn defence into attack  and won the first quarter 11-5.

Second quarter saw us improve even more. Brilliant all through court defence from everyone meant Kites could only score 3 that quarter and we forged ahead to lead by 20 goals to 8.

Going into the second half we knew we needed to keep this intensity. With a couple of hiccups, we gave Kites a flutter of hope. Continuous shooting on point from Ginny, movement from Alice and feeding into Amelia Pulvertaft meant the attack was strong. Our defence also worked their socks off to keep pressure on Devizes shooters, who could not find their flow at all.

Player of the Match: Georgie Southwell

Players Player: Alice Baker and Janie (Ginny) Bullus

Coaches player: Janie Bullus


Frome Diamonds 30. Holt Black 28

First game back after Christmas and New Year and New Coach. Diamonds sponsored by Dennis Maps started with a different line up with  Molly Mallon taking the GD bib and Amelia Pulvertaft taking the GK position. Janie Bullus and Alice Baker were the usual double trouble in the  shooting circle, whilst captain Georgina Guy, Georgie Southwell and Rosie McMahon took centre stage at mid court. Within the first few seconds  decisions did not go Diamonds way with an offside being called which Holt turned into attack and from then on we were playing catch up. With good  feeds from Guy into the circle and movement with between Janie and Alice they still finished the quarter 10 6 down.

A few changes saw Freya Applegate  join Molly in defence whilst Megan Young joined the fray in mid court. Defensive pressure was on and tips were made from Georgina coupled with intercepts from Molly, and back line bliss from Rosie meant we caught up to be only 2 behind 14 12.

After rest and reflection Amelia and Georgie came back on and Bev Chapman took the WD bib. A  great quarter that went backwards and forwards with Diamonds being 6 down at one point but with some great feeds from Georgie  into Amelia and great movement from Alice we finished the quarter ahead by 2 goals.

The motivation continued into the last quarter with Freya getting three tips  to start with and then Molly making numerous interceptions coupled with effortless feeding into the circle meant Diamonds took the win by 30 goals to 28.

Player of the match- Georgie Southwell

Player's Player- Molly Mallon

Coaches Player-Molly Mallon 


Frome Diamonds, 62  Corsham 2, 13

With an unbeaten start to the winter season,  Diamonds sponsored by Dennis Maps, were anxious to end 2019 with a win. Facing an unknown Corsham side, they got off to a flying start with some amazing long shots from shooter Janie Bullus. Her impressive combination with GA, Alice Baker saw Diamonds lead the first quarter 16-5. Diamonds shooting was matched by the Corsham 2 attack with some great shots on goal. WA,Megan Young playing her first full match since coming back from injury flew into some great interceptions as well as providing seamless feeds into the circle.

Throughout the second quarter GK, Molly Mallon partnered with GD, Bev Chapman made things difficult for the Corsham attack providing numerous tips and an almost impenetrable defence. With WD, Rosie McMahon and C Georgina Guy providing some excellent link play down court, Diamonds extended their lead by half time to 33-8. The continued great shooting from nippy Baker and long-range Bullus did nothing to break Corshams' spirits.

A change at half time saw Chapman go to WD and Freya Applegate take the role of GD. Applegate continued to hold up the Corsham attack and some flawless play by the whole team at the beginning of the 3rd quarter saw several goals pass through the net within the first few minutes. Interceptions in mid court from Guy and Young  dictated play and forced Corsham to perform several passes before reaching their circle edge. Diamond continued to pull away leading the 3rd quarter 45-11. 

Diamonds were forced into some errors in the 4th quarter by a persistent Corsham  side . However, they managed to win the match with a final score of 62-13 with the sideline support of player Amelia Pulvertaft and coach, Jane Boyland. Unknown to many Diamond players, this was to be  coach Jane's last game in charge. Diamonds would like to thank her for her support and guidance over the past few years,seeing Diamond  promoted from Division 3 up to Division 1. We wish her every success coaching Frome's third team,Hearts, and welcome Coach Lucy Clark who will be coaching both Stars and Diamonds.

Player of the match- Janie Bullus 

Player's Player- Megan Young

Coaches Player- Janie Bullus


Frome Diamonds 39 Pewsey Black 37

 Diamonds faced one of their toughest opponents so far this season and unfortunately were missing a few players due to holidays. Pewsey Black took to the court thirsty for a win. In the first quarter, Diamonds sponsored by Dennis Maps worked well as a team and despite their centre court players Georgina Guy, Rosie McMahon and Alice Baker seeing the ball move swiftly down the court, Pewsey took the lead by one with the score at the end of the first quarter 10 goals to 9.

In the second quarter Diamonds started to feel the pressure and made a few bad passes which lead to interceptions for Pewsey  who went further into the lead by five goals 22 goals to 17.

After a positive half time team talk, Diamonds came back fighting and some fantastic defence by Molly Mallon, Freya Applegate and Beverley Chapman meant that Diamonds were able to gain turnovers allowing them to take the lead into the last quarter by 29 goals to 28.

In the final quarter the team continued to give their all and thanks to some stunning movement in the 'D' followed by fantastic goals the shooters of Amelia Pulvertaft and Grace Barwell helped to secure the win with a final result of 39 goals to 37.

A fantastic fast paced match where Diamonds did well to keep pushing right up to the final whistle in order to secure the win.

Player of the match- Captain Georgina Guy

Players player- Amelia Pulvertaft

Coaches player- Alice Baker


Frome Diamonds 30 TNC 30

The first quarter proved a challenge for Diamonds sponsored by Dennis Maps when TNC brought out their best team and play. With a determined effort by Diamonds, constantly getting interceptions in the D and some amazing shooting, although the TNC defenders were rather tall, the end of the first quarter saw Diamonds drawing 8 all.

The second quarter proved a lot harder and more straining on Diamonds, as TNC just came out that little bit stronger,  ending the quarter with a with a score of 16-13. As a team we were more determined than ever and brought it back to a rather tight 22-21, leaving the end of the 3rd quarter with only one goal in it!

With the biggest push by Diamonds ever, nail-biting match play happening and Diamonds coming out fighting. The score alternated between the two teams, and Diamonds led by two goals at one point. No one knew who would win!! Amazing shooting by Georgie Southwell  and Janie Bullus meant the TNC defence were put through their paces, whilst the Frome defence gave 100% effort.

Player Of the Match: Janie Bullus

Players Player: George Southwell

Coaches Player: Rosie McMahon 


Frome Diamonds 28 Holt White 24

Despite the rain earlier in the day, the weather cleared for most of the Division One match in Devizes between Frome Diamonds sponsored by Dennis Maps and Holt White.  Frome went ahead in the first quarter, leading 8-3 thanks to some solid centre court work by Georgina Guy, George Southwell and Meg Young.

The lead was extended in the second quarter thanks to some excellent shooting from Janie Bullus and Alice Baker, ending the first half 20-10. A physical Holt team fought back in the second half, tightening the score to 24-17, calling for the Frome defence of Molly Mallon, Freya Applegate, Bev Chapman and Rosie McMahon to hold them off.

With Grace Barwell swapping in to shoot it ensured the score was kept to 28-24, making it two wins out of two so far for Diamonds.

Player Of the Match- Alice Baker for great work around the circle

Coach's Player and Players' Player both being awarded to Molly Mallon for her relentless defence work throughout the match. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 10.09.19 From

e Diamonds 36 Devizes Kites 25

In the first match of the new season Diamonds, sponsored by Dennis Maps overcame Kites in a match that was close to start with but the third quarter saw them take the win when they overwhelmed Kites with some dazzling play. With a new pairing in defence, of Freya Applegate amd Rosie McMahon and offence Diamonds took a while to settle although Alice Baker and Janie Bullus combined well in the shooting circle with some short passes leading to easier shots on goal At the end of  the quarter they were ahead by just the one goal 9 8. Diamonds made some changes in defence bringing on Grace Barwell at GK and  Georgie Southwell at WD, both new to the team this year and both played their part in the match with Grace taking the Player's Player  award and Georgie the Captain's Pick.

Combining well down court Diamonds went ahead to lead by three, 17 14. In the third quarter Diamonds stepped up and Georgina Guy leading from the front, along with Bev Chapman rocketed ahead with fine shooting and some slick passing down court. Meg Young fed the ball decisively to the shooters and Diamonds scored 14 goals to Kites 7. Rosie McMahon, came back on for the last quarter and really gave it her all, along with Georgina defending and making telling passes down court. Georgina was voted Player of the Match and although the last quarter was low scoring Diamonds held on to the lead to take the win. A great start to the new season and thanks to Coach Jane and the members of Hearts who came to cheer them on.

Player of the match- Georgina Guy

Players Player- Grace Barwell