Senior Team Membership

All members pay annual affiliation fees. This covers affiliation to All England Netball Association, South West Netball, Wiltshire County Netball Association and the Moonraker League.  When you join the club you may train for three weeks before affiliating to England Netball.

In addition to affiliation fees, all members have to pay Membership Fees - this cover the cost of providing training facilities and coaches as well as league fees, equipment, first aid kits and other administrative expenses.

Membership fees for 2017/18 season are as follows:

Over 18: £240 payable annually or by 12 months instalments of £20 starting 1st September 2017

Under 18: £192 payable annually or by 12 months instalments of £16 starting 1st September 2017

All membership fees need to be paid by standing orders/bank transfers into the Club bank account. Details are :

  • Account Name       : Frome Netball Club
  • Sort code               : 30-99-13
  • Account number    : 00905355

Please enter the player's name as the reference.

Alternatively, a one off annual payment can be made.

In order to affiliate and join the Club, you must complete a Membership Form and return to Kiah Greenan.

This year there are 3 different affiliation forms.  Affiliation fees vary with age.

NOTE: It is important that you complete the correct form.

Please see below the appropriate Affiliation fee:

  • 14 years old & under - £13.55
  • 18 years old & under - £21.30
  • 19 & over - £43.50

As part of the benefits of affiliating to England Netball, members are covered by the All England liability and personal accident insurance policy, without which you cannot play in any league matches. For information about the scope of the policy go to the following website:

You will also receive regular copies of ‘Netball’ magazine, produced by England Netball.

Medical Conditions and Emergency Contacts

If you have any sort of medical condition which may affect you during training or matches, or which might be necessary for medical personnel to be aware of, please do ensure that the Club Secretary and your Captain knows about it. This may include conditions such as Asthma, Epilepsy, or Allergies. Please also ensure that if you might require medication (for example, an inhaler or epipen), you bring this to every training session or match, and make sure that at least one other person you are playing with is aware of its whereabouts for use in an emergency.

All players are asked for emergency contact details at the beginning of the season; please ensure that these are updated where necessary.

For any queries with regards to Senior Membership, please contact our Senior Club Secretary, Sophie Cox at on 07712248221.

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