Frome Hearts - Team 3 - Division 2

The selected team for the 2019/20 season is:

Tracy Carter (Captain)

Natasha Alexander (Vice Captain)

Laura Travis

Amy Cardwell

Ellie Carter

Lauren Keegan

Maddie Kerbey

Vanessa Gaunt

Saffron Gaunt












Thurs 20 Sept

Corsham 3

 LOSS 43-15



Thurs 27 Sept

Chippenham 6

 WIN   37-30



Thurs 4 Oct

Chippenham 5

 WIN   40-14



Thurs 11 Oct

Westbury Wolves

 WIN   22-10



Thurs 25 Oct

Wessex Blades

 LOSS 30-24



Thurs 22 Nov

WS Smashers 2

 WIN 27-26



Tues 4 Dec

T N C 2

 WIN 32-26

 Jes T


Tues 29 Jan

Devizes Kestrels


Thurs 7 Feb

Corsham 3

 WIN 39-27

Emma G


Thurs 14 Feb

Chippenham 6

 WIN 42-24


Tracy C

Thurs 28 Feb

Chippenham 5

 WIN 34-25



Tues 19 March

Wessex Blades

 LOSS 36-25

Jes T


Thurs 25 April

Westbury Wolves

 WIN 51-9

Maddie Kerbey 

Zena & Lauren 

Tues 30 April

WS Smashers 2

 WIN 44-16


Emma.G & Molly.M 

Thurs 9 May

T N C 2

 WIN 37-31



Thurs 23 May

Devizes Kestrels




Match Reports 201/19

Frome Hearts Vs Devizes Kestrels, .

In the first quarter of the match we were off to a stronger start (9-5), ahead of Kestrels by 4 goals, our strong defence allowed us to get more goals back and our brilliant shooting secured those points, however, Devizes had some very good defenders which proved to be a bit of a challenge. Yet despite this, we still managed to take the lead in the first quarter. 

In the second quarter some brilliant movement was seen down the court by both teams as they aimed to get the ball to goal. Frome kept up the pressure and managed to keep the lead by 5 goals in this quarter. Our defence and attack was still very strong against Kestrels and nearly every ball went straight into goal.

The third quarter saw even more goals being put up by Frome (this was our strongest quarter). In the whole quarter we were 8 goals ahead of Kestrels. Our shooting was very accurate and as always, getting pretty much every ball in. Also our defence and movements were very quick and alert, as the ball was picked up or intercepted as quickly as possible. We became even more focused and were able to take control of the game. However it was obvious that Kestrels still kept the pressure up as the goal difference wasn’t comfortable yet.

In the final quarter we still maintained the pressure and took as many interceptions as possible. The attack was particularly strong in this quarter as whenever it was our centre, the ball went to goal 90% of the time. Kestrel’s still kept their pressure on, however we managed to keep ahead and secure a well deserved win! Final score: 37-31.

POM - Molly Mallon 

PP - Laura Travis. 


Frome hearts V TNC 2 

Having already played the night before, Hearts came out determined for another win. Everyone throughout the court was contesting everything,  which paid off with countless tips and interceptions - 11-4 to Hearts.

Going into the second quarter saw changes to the TNC2 side, which took a while for hearts to adapt too and TNC2 took full advantage. 

20-14 to Hearts.

During half time Hearts just made one change to our shooting circle, and after a word from our coach we were ready to finish what we had started. 

The whole squad upped their game, and with the support from the sidelines hearts played their own game. 28-20 to Hearts.

Final quarter hearts continued to play their game. The whole squad pulled together, and really enjoyed their time court. 

Final score - 37 - 27 to hearts. 

POM - Tracy Carter 

PP - Ellie Carter 


Frome Hearts V’s WS Smashers

In the second round of matches in the Moonraker League Frome Hearts continued their winning streak. On Tuesday evening they beat WS smashers 44-16. The match started at a quick pace with Vanessa Gaunt and Maddie Kerby scoring an impressive 15 goals in the first quarter. Frome’s fantastic defensive duo of Molly Mallon and Ellie Carter meant that Smashers were only able to score 2 goals in the first quarter. Efficient midcourt play between Lauren Keegan, Emma Guy and Laura Travis allowed the turnovers to go in Hearts favour from defence to attack resulting in a score of 23-5 at half time. A few changes at half time included Saffron Gaunt to GS, Tracy carter WD and Maddie Kerby move to WA, the strong play continued throughout the court with several interceptions and accurate passing into the shooters. In the final quarter Hearts were leading 30-11 and worked tirelessly to the final whistle. A great display of teamwork and support both on and off court resulted in a solid win of 44-16.

Hearts are sponsored by Dennis Maps

POM – Vanessa Gaunt

PP – Emma Guy and Molly Mallon


Hearts V Westbury Wolves

With new starting combinations hearts came out fighting. 

The defence trio of Molly Mallon, Ellie Carter and Lauren Keegan worked amazingly together working tirelessly with countless tips, rebounds and interceptions. Score after the first quarter 9-1 to hearts. 

Going into the second quarter the shooting duo of Zena Harper and Vanessa Gaunt found there flow, both shooting at 100%, with the great balls in by Laura Travis and Emma Guy. Score at half time 25 -2. 

Going into the third quarter saw Maddie Kerby come in at WA. The whole team came together. Digger deep and fighting for every ball throughout the court with smiles on their faces. The interception and tips kept coming. Score 37 -3.

In the final quarter Westbury came out fast and strong scoring 3 goals on the trot. Hearts soon got their heads back in the game to finish the match 51 - 9. 

After an amazing match, even the umpire said how she was impressed by our players ball into the D. 

Player of the match Maddie Kerby.

Joints Players Players went to Zena Harper and Lauren Keegan.


Frome Hearts 42, Chippenham6 24

Frome hearts took on Chippenham tonight winning by only 7 when we previously played them. We started strong in the first quarter taking interception and tips from the defensive end of Tracy, Ness and Freya, getting it up to Amy and Zena for the goals. We managed to end on a score of 8-3.

The second quarter become slightly tighter as Chippenham upped their game and brought back a fight, half time ended on 16-14. 

We made some changes in the 3rd quarter and managed to settle back down. Bringing the ball up court worked well using Tracy, Dawn and Maddie and balls were fed really well into Amy and Ness. We ended on 29-17.

In the final quarter we kept pushing and some really good defence from Kiah and Tracy helped us to end on a 42-24 win! 

Player of the match: Tracy Carter

Players Player: Tracy Carter


Frome Hearts 39, Corsham3 27

In Frome Hearts’ second round of matches in the Moonraker League they defeated Corsham 3 after previously being beaten. The game started at a fast pace and Hearts settled into a good rhythm with precision passing between C – Emma Guy and WA – Maddie Kerby into the shooters GA – Ness Gaunt and GS – Amy Cardwell who brought the score in the first quarter 10-5 to Hearts.

The fantastic defence trio of WD – Jess Taylor, GD – Freya Applegate and GK – Molly Mallon ensured that Corsham only had a few chances to score. Hearts increased their lead with numerous turnovers and superb shooting to end half-time 19-9. Tracy Carter came on for the final half as WD and linked well with the other defenders making it difficult for Corsham to narrow the gap.

Hearts scored an impressive 11 goals in the third quarter increasing their lead to 30-17. The final quarter saw both teams going goal for goal but with the pressure on Hearts played their game and a real sense of teamwork was shown throughout the whole match which earnt them the win 39-27. Kiah Greenan’s support and encouragement was invaluable to the team.

Player of the match – Emma Guy

Players player – Emma Guy


Frome Hearts 32, TNC 2 26

The first quarter TNC came out strong in their defence in and around the D but Harper and Gaunt kept moving and managed to keep the score close, due to all players working hard throughout the court.

Going into the second quarter, Captain Tracy Carter made some changes to the team, putting Mallon at GD, Gibbs as WD, Greenan at WA and Kerbey at GS. Everyone gave it their all, and Hearts defence managed to get plenty of tips and interceptions which were converted to goals. Hearts played their own game and managed to deliver the ball down safely to the shooters.

Hearts remained in the same combination for the second half of the match, with the support of the squad and Diamond players on the side line, Hearts were given the final boost they needed to take a strong lead, the team continues to give it their all until the final whistle as TNC weren’t giving up without a fight.

Final score 26-32 , win for Hearts

Play of the match- Jes Taylor 

Players player- Molly Mallon


Hearts 27, WS Smashers 26

Hearts started this match with six of the starting seven having only just come up from the Junior section and for some of them this was their first taste of league netball in Devizes. They competed well and went into the first quarter just trailing by the two goals 6-4.

Captain Tracey Carter made some changes bringing on a few of the established players but these new combinations took a while to gel and Smashers increased their league to 15-9. In cold conditions and with the court getting slippery Hearts had their best quarter of the match with Vanessa Gaunt moving to shooter, having played in defence previously and along with Amy Cardwell brought Hearts back to within one goal to trail 18-19. With Freya Applegate and Ellie Carter in defence gaining confidence, they started to overturn ball and convert these chances into attack led by Emma Guy who secured the Player's Player award. With Vanessa and Amy finding the net they just managed the secure the victory in the last minute having been four goals down at one point.

It was a very tense last quarter but cheered on by the whole team this was a great result for Hearts who are sponsored by Dennis Maps. Player of the Match went to Vanessa for her magnificent effort at both ends of the court.

Player of the match- Vanessa Gaunt

Players player- Emma Guy


Hearts 40, Chippenham5 14 

The first quarter seemed to come easy to hearts, with shooters Ness and Amy playing on their top form. The shooting was faultless, constantly going in at every angle. The defence at the other end of the court held their own and battled to the very end, with Emma at C catching all the interceptions and Freya and Molly dragging the backup court. Hearts team were easily winning with 10-2 at the end of the first quarter and team morale was high. 

The second quarter saw hearts with more power and energy from every single player. Again, hearts were dominating; Jess and Freya were on fire in the defensive circle catching all the rebounds with perfect distances. Of course none of this happened without the beautiful skill from Laura (playing only her second game) bringing the ball down court every time! Again, hearts were scoring effortlessly and with a score of 21-7, seemed like a win was in sight. 

Third quarter showed some real skill from Hearts & the play by everyone was faultless. As a team, a very new one at best, we all seemed to play our hardest and the shooters again played amazing with Emma holding her player with perfect play. As a team, we were seeing the end and finished the quarter with an amazing 31-7. An entire quarter where Chippenham did not score a goal, great defence!

The final quarter showed its tiredness and Chippenham came back fighting. With our other members of Amy and Ellie at WA and GK, fresh new legs made others jobs easier and their play, again, was amazing. Ellie’s defence was perfect, with her distance right every time. Amy kept going until the end, dragging the ball down effortlessly. With new players on, we all gelled brilliantly and again kept a very large lead above Chippenham. With everyone’s amazing play through the entirety of the game, we secured a score finishing on 40-14. A score that meant the other team could not secure a point.

Player of the match: Emma Guy
Player’s player: Freya Applegate


Hearts 37, Chippenham6 30

The second game of season for Frome Hearts with Coach Dawn on the sideline, seen Hearts take on the recently promoted Chippenham 6.

The newly formed Hearts team hit the ground running, with a strong first quarter. Laura Travis made her debut, with a new formed shooting circle of Ness and Amy. Laura at WA made some impressive passes into the D from the third line- getting the ball to the shooters who were well positioned in the circle, allowing them to put up some great shots. These shots allowed Hearts to take a 5-goal lead. 11-6

The second quarter saw Hearts enter the court with a great amount of confidence. This confidence however was met by a rearranged Chippenham team. Hearts had to work hard in defence to bring back some centre passes, Ellie and Freya both worked hard to turn over passes and shots in the D, resulting in a further 2 goal lead. 20-13

By the third quarter, Hearts had gelled well as a team. Passes were flowing up and down court, with many interceptions from Molly, resulting in multiple balls going down the court and resulting in even more a goals. 29-19

The final quarter came around fast, and the young Chippenham team worked hard to try and claw back some goals. Quick centre passes, movement and passes into goal by Emma ensured Chippenham were not going to gain too much ground. Final score 37-30

Player of the match: Vanessa Gaunt

Players player: Emma Guy


20.09.18 Frome Hearts 15, Corsham3 43

With lots of new players from the Junior Squad and some other new members joining Hearts this season, this new team had not had much training before their first game on 20 September, in the Moonraker Netball League.  Playing in “weather warning” conditions and with a very experienced opposition team, Hearts knew this was going to be a tough game for them.

In the first quarter, Frome having won the toss started with a centre, but unfortunately soon lost it.  Even with some good interceptions from the defence of Molly (GD) and Jess (GK), Corsham 3 shots were mostly going in with the score being 10-4 to Corsham 3 at the end of the first quarter.

For the second quarter, the team stayed the same but rain made the court slippery and hard to play.  There was some great passes midcourt and into the circle from Emma (C) and Amy (WA), and some good shots from Ness and Maddie in the shooting circle, but, unfortunately Corsham 3’s expertise meant that they extended their lead.

With two new players coming on to play the 3rd quarter, we saw some great passing up the court by Ellie (GD) as well as Lauren (WD).  Beth who came on as GA and Ness (GS) did some good passes inside the circle to each other meaning Hearts got a few more goals.  Unfortunately, Beth injured her shoulder and was unable to come back on for the last quarter. 

The fourth quarter saw Maddie come back on as GA, Laura coming on as GD, who was able to send the ball out of the opponents circle and bring it up court. The rain and wind got worse and it was hard play for all players on court.  Even with players falling over, Hearts began to gel and play some good thinking netball.  Even with such a hard opposition, all of Hearts players gave it their all until the end.  Result was Hearts 15 and Corsham 3 43.

Player of the match: Jes Taylor

Player’s player: Amy George