Frome Hearts - Team 3 - Division 3

Selected team for the 2018/19 season are:

Amber Travis

Amy Cardwell

Amy George

Beth Lucas

Ellie Carter

Emma Guy

Freya Applegate

Jessica Taylor

Kiah Greenan (Vice Captain)

Lauren Keegan

Louisa Cushnir

Maddie Kerbey

Molly Mallon

Tracy Carter (Captain)

Vanessa Gaunt (Vice Captain)

Zena Harper

Frome Hearts 2017/18 Season

Moonraker League - Division 3

12th Sept 17                   Frome Hearts v Devizes Hawks             30 - 31               LOSS                         21st Sept 17                   Frome Hearts v WS Smashers 2             31 - 13               WIN                           3rd Oct 17                     Frome Hearts v Devizes Kestrels           27 - 27               DRAW                        17th Oct 17                      Frome Hearts v Calne Thunder             49 - 16               WIN                             7th Nov 17                      Frome Hearts v Melksham Ravens       28 - 39               LOSS                           21st Nov 17                     Frome Hearts v Corsham 3                     28 - 19               WIN                           5th Dec 17                      Frome Hearts v Chippenham 4             21 - 41                LOSS                               25th Jan 18                     Frome Hearts v Calne Thunder            51 - 20                WIN                                 30th Jan 18                      Frome Hearts V Devizes Hawks            30-18                  LOSS                         6th Feb 18                       Frome Hearts v WS Smashers 2           55 - 20                WIN                          22nd Feb 18                     Frome Hearts v Devizes Kestrels         43 - 33                WIN                           27th Mar 18                    Frome Hearts V Melksham Ravens       36-34                  LOSS                         17th April 18                   Frome Hearts V Corsham 3                    38- 19                 WIN                             24 April 18                       Frome Hearts V TNC 2                             33-27                  WIN                           16 May 18                         Frome Hearts V Chippenham 4             47-22                  LOSS                         5 June 18                          Frome Hearts V TNC 2                              39- 38                 LOSS

Match Reports

Frome Hears 33, TNC2 27

The first quarter started off slow for both teams, with TNC scoring the first 3 goals. After the first few minutes, Hearts started to pick up the pace and caught them up, with fantastic shooting from Ness GA and Maddie GS making it difficult for their defence. With great turnovers and interceptions, Hearts had more shooting opportunities, ending the first quarter 11-4 to Hearts.

The second quarter started with the same brilliant interceptions from mid court players Ellie WA, Emma C and WD Freya. However, TNC also played very well, allowing them to catch up with similar play. The 2nd quarter ended 14-14.

Into the third quarter, Hearts made some changes. Kiah came on as WA and Ellie moved into shooting as GA. Hearts quickly pulled away again with fantastic shooting from both shooters and our defence GD Bev and GK Jess taking many rebounds and turnovers to bring up court. This quarter ended with Hearts in the lead 24-18.

In the final quarter, Hearts felt the pressure to keep the lead. The determination from all players was amazing, meaning the score stayed on Hearts side. TNC caught up on a few occasions, but with great play from all of Hearts in all areas of the courts, Hearts finished the match winners 33-27.

This was a friendly and enjoyable match by all. Thank you to all the supporters on the sideline!

Player of the match: Jess
Players player: Ellie
Frome Hearts 38, Corsham 19

The first quarter began well with both teams at a steady pace. With slippery conditions, Hearts needed to keep control of the ball to get it up court. Hearts did just that, with accurate shooting from GS Kelly and GA Ness to make the score 12-3 to Hearts.

Going into the second quarter, Hearts wanted to keep the strong play going. Brilliant passing up court by WA Ellie, C Emma and WD Freya allowed the shooters many opportunities to continue scoring. Many turnovers and rebounds in defence from GD Bev and GK Jess also allowed the score to continue rising for Hearts. The second quarter ended 25-6 to Hearts.

The shooters were changed slightly in the third quarter with Maddie coming on into GS and Kelly moving into GA. The wind picked up, but this didn't seem to faze Hearts as they carried on playing at a high level with many rebounds and turnovers. This quarter ended 32-12.

The wind continued to cause difficulty on court into the fourth quarter for both teams, however  Hearts took all opportunities for interceptions and turnovers. Everyone worked extremely hard to get the ball up court and keep the score high. Hearts finished the match with a winning score 38-19.

Well done to Ellie who was awarded player of the match and Bev who was awarded players player.

Thank you to Kiah our vice captain for supporting on the sidelines and giving us tips and advice. And to the parents of some of our players who came to support too!

Frome Hearts 34, Melksham Ravens 36

Hearts played Melksham this week, determined as ever to get maximum points!

The first quarter saw Melksham take the lead quickly as Hearts took a while to settle in to the game. But towards the last part of that quarter, Hearts really worked well, with brilliant square passing across court to bring the ball up court by WD Freya, C Emma and WA Ellie. This gave the shooters many opportunities to shoot. The score was 10-8 to Hearts.

The second quarter was very close again. Brilliant defending from GD Bev and GK Jess allowing several turnovers and tips. With continued good play up courts, GA Ness and GS Maddie scored many goals. However, Melksham had a few more goal opportunities meaning they ended this quarter winning 18-16.

The third quarter continued to be close. Both teams scoring one after another. The passes into the shooting D were fantastic and shooting was very accurate. Defence carried on with brilliant interceptions. However, Melksham kept in the lead by only 1 goal 26-25.

Into the final quarter, Hearts needed to pick up this one goal! Quickly, it became goal for goal with consistent play from both teams. However, Melksham had a few extra turnovers meaning they finished the game winners 36-34.

Thank you to everyone who came to support and our subs Kiah and Kelly. The support and encouragement was fantastic!

Player of the match: Bev

Players player: Jess



Hearts played Devizes Kestrels this week. They knew it would be a tough game because when they last played them the game ended in a draw. Hearts were determined as always to end the game with a win and the maximum points. 

The first quarter began well with Hearts scoring 5 consecutive goals. Defence of Freya GD and Jess GK, had many interceptions and turnovers meaning the opposition struggled to score. After the first 5 minutes, Devizes began to catch up, ending the first quarter with a score 12 - 8 to Hearts. 

Hearts continued the great play into the second quarter with outstanding passing up court by Molly WD, Emma C and Bev WA. Lots of tips and interceptions meant the ball was brought up to the shooters quickly. Both shooters, Ness GA and Kelly GS were on fire with their shooting making the score 26 - 14 to Hearts. For the third quarter, all players stayed the same on court. Hearts continued to play at their high level, but the cold weather hit them, which caused several misplaced passes. However, Hearts defence continued working hard to recover rebounds and help bring the ball up court. 

The third quarter score was 32 - 25.Going into the last quarter, Hearts game play flowed well again and they gave it their all. Every player kept fighting, winning rebounds, tips and interceptions. Hearts managed to increase their lead through such strong play, ending the match 43 - 33 to Hearts. Thank you to our coach Dawn and Andrea for supporting on the side lines. Also to Maddie for subbing in the cold weather 

Player of the match: Emma C and Freya GD

Players player: Molly WD