Frome Hearts - Team 3 - Division 2

The selected team for the 2020/21 season is:

Ellie Carter (Captain)

Natasha Alexander (Vice Captain)

Maddie Kerbey

Vanessa Gaunt

Saffron Gaunt

Ellie Bennett

Jess Read

Steph Jedy

Flo Gardiner

Alix Jelly












17 Sep 2019

Wessex Blades

Loss 48- 24



15 Oct 2019

Devizes Hawks

Loss 40-29



22 Oct 2019

Devizes Falcons

Win 33- 29



7 Nov 2019

Calne Storm

Win 35-25



26 Nov 2019


Win 41-19



3 Dec 2019

Westbury Wildcats

Win 26-21



7 Jan 2020

Wessex Blades

Loss 43-32



14 Jan 2020

Devizes Falcons

21 Jan 2020

Chippenham 4

4 Feb 2020

Devizes Eagles

Loss 53-46



17 Mar 2020

Devizes Hawks

24 Mar 2020

Calne Storm

31 Mar 2020


5 May 2020

Devizes Eagles

12 May 2020

Westbury Wildcats

19 May 2020

Chippenham 4


Match Reports 2019/20:

Frome Hearts 46, Devises Eagles.53

Hearts started off strong with Tracy Carter making numerous turnovers within the first quarter. First goal coming from Saffron Gaunt saw the bar set for her shooting. Despite the effort of all, we came out 4 goals down.

Hearts remained strong for the rest of the next two quarters, with turnovers being made and really lovely, patient play from the ladies. Tash made numerous pick ups and Ellie B brought the ball through court brilliantly. We came out of the second half, 3 goals up.

Devises upped the pace and came out all guns blazing; which unfortunately meant they took the final lead. However it was not through fault of hearts, as our play was brilliant and slick.

Player of the match: Tracy Carter

Players Player: Saffron Gaunt

Coaches Player: Saffron Gaunt


Frome Hearts 41, KSM 19

Hearts were buzzing for this game as a win would push them back into the top half of the table. Great team spirit and positivity proved vital in the game, as every team member put a lot of effort in either on or off the court. 

The first quarter was the settling quarter with Mia making her comeback for hearts at WD. Both teams were finding their rhythm down court, but hearts were the ones making the most of their opportunities as they opened up a 11-7 lead. 

Hearts were then tasked by their coach to increase their lead by a further 4 goals which they did comfortably. The trio of Mia, Tracy and Ellie B controlled the ball down court making the most of the pocket areas. This allowed the shooters of Saffron and Ness move nicely around the D to create passing opportunities into them. Hearts increased their lead to 23-13. 

With fresh legs on with Maddie replacing Mia at WD. Hearts continued positively with all players playing a incredible part in the win, As they increased their lead throughout the 2nd half to win. Unfortunately some miss timed passes in the D, led to Hearts missing out on further shooting chances, but they were happy with the result.

Player of the match - Ellie Bennett
Players player - Maddie Kerbey
Coaches player's- Ellie Bennett & Tracy Carter
Frome Hearts 35, Calne Storm 25

Hearts went into this game buzzing which put a lot of hearts on the front foot at the first whistle, maybe a bit eager with a few foot faults to start with. Thankfully this settled down, and eventually no more bad calls were made. Hearts started to play some nice passage of plays across court, with allowed the shooters chance to settle under the post. The combo of Tracy and Laura used the pocket areas well, to allow Saffie and Ness the chance to create space for shooting opportunity. Hearts opened up at 4 goal lead but this was cut to 2 by the whistle. 

Heart spoke about a few things and began well again on court. Calne tall defence were on form, picking up interceptions from some lobs balls into the D. Though the defence of Tash and Ellie C were able to restrict them from taking advantage of this, with some lovely outside hand marking to gain the ball. Hearts led 17-14 at half time. 

Hearts brought on fresh legs with Zena and Ellie B replacing Saffie and Laura in attack. Hearts knew this was quarter to draw clear of Calne, and so they did. They focussed well on the passes down court into D, ensuring they continued to use the pocket areas. Zena and Ness showed great movement and offers to increase the lead. Regular turnover from the defensive trio of Maddie, Ellie C and Tash; plus successful shots allowed Hearts to feel more confident in their game play. Every player continued to work their socks off during the 3rd quarter to increase and hold their lead 24-16.

Though Calne defensively worked hard pulling in a number of interceptions, Hearts were just that tad more slick in their play as they eventually ran out 35-25 winners. 

Player of the match - Ellie Carter 
Players player - Ellie Carter
Coaches Player - Natasha Alexander 
Frome Hearts 33, Devizes Falcons 29

Hearts went into this game pumped for a positive result, after a tough result last week. Hearts went with a starting 7 that had been working together at training well, and proved why they should be on court. The defence of Tash and Ellie continued this game as they finished the last; on fire! Picking up numerous tips and intercepts. Though this quarter Falcons won the score one, we won on effort. 

Head coach Jane made a change bringing on Zena at WD for Maddie to steady the ball from defence to attack. The 2nd quarter our shooters Saffron and Ness turned the table on the scorecard, going from a deficit to a 4 goal lead. The mid court including Ellie B and Tracy worked the pocket areas well, to allow the shooters chance to create space for themselves to receive the ball for a shot. Hearts led 15-11 at HT. 

Frome continued their hard work into the 3rd quarter, Laura took the place of Zena at WD for the remainder of the game. Both teams showed how much they wanted the win, going for every ball and marking tightly; alongside some hot umpiring, we knew this would go down to the wire. 

Going into the last quarter, the team with the desire and drive to win would get the result. Hearts found it tough to create drives forward, which resulted in ‘held ball’ calls. Though some excellent interceptions from Tracy, Ellie and Tash put Hearts on the front foot going into the last few minutes. Thankfully Hearts held on and won their first game of the season! 
Let’s say the players were buzzing after the final whistle!

Player of the match - Tracy
Players Player - Ellie C 
Coaches player - Ellie B 
Frome Hearts - 29, Hawks - 40 

Hearts faced an unbeaten Hawks team who hadn’t lost their first 4 games! Hearts started well but unfortunately lost Lauren to injury within the first quarter. Hearts carried on steadily down the court, falling just behind 11-8 at the whistle. 

Hearts made a mid court change moving Saffie WA, Laura C and Tracy WD. Unfortunately our players found themselves in the same areas as their teammates, which reduces lots of passing opportunities. This allowed Hawks to extend their lead to 24-16. 

Hearts defence of Tracy, Ellie and Tash had a cracker of a quarter, picking up numerous interceptions which got nicely played down court; a number of these turned into shooting success. Though a lot of dropped balls or bad passes resulted in turnovers for Hawks who steadily increased their lead. 

Hearts kept going until the final whistle with shooters Ness and Amy keeping Hearts in the game, with some great shots around the D. 

Player of the Match - Tracy Carter
Players Player - Tracy Carter
Coaches Players - Natasha Alexander Ellie & Tracy
17.9.19 Frome Hearts 24, Wessex Blades 48

Hearts started their time in Division 2 with a match against fellow promotion rivals Wessex. Heart started the better of two team, racing to a 3-0 lead with both team taking their time to settle. Numerous mistakes within minutes occurred, but hearts were the ones first on the board making the most of the errors. Though this didn’t last long as Wessex eventually woke up for the game. 
Hearts continued with the starting 7 throughout the first half, taking their game to Wessex. Unfortunately Tracy and Ellie B struggled to get the ball into their shooters due to a strong defensive set up, which resulted in lack of opportunities to increase our score line. 
Wessex led 29-9 at HT. 
Wessex continued to dominate in the scoring front, so Hearts made their own attacking chance, bringing Saffie on for Zena in GS. The last quarter was phenomenal for Hearts, as we outplayed Wessex across the court. The defence of Tash, Ellie and Lauren were on point; picking up numerous interceptions which allowed the girls to play the ball down the court well. The shooting combo of Saffie and Ness were on point winning the quarter. 

Hearts pulled in back enough to come within half of the Wessex score. 

POM - Ellie Bennet
PP - Lauren Keegan
Coaches - Lauren Keegan Image